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Is The Village Life Right For You?


We certainly hope village life suits you, but the reality is that it’s not for everyone – and that’s completely fine, we want all our residents to be happy so would never recommend moving in to one of our villages unless we’re a great fit. Below you’ll find a bit of an overview on what village life is all about, but we recommend coming and seeing for yourself – you can book a tour with one of our team at a convenient time, or even come in for a Village Experience, where you can meet our residents and ask them all the questions you need.

Here’s a few things you can expect.

  • You can be as social or as peaceful as you like. Most of our villages have active social calendars that include everything from village-wide parties to casual games of cards and workshops to learn new skills. How much, or how little, you participate is entirely up to you.
  • You’ll be safe and secure. All our homes come with a 24 hour emergency response system linked to emergency services, secure master key access for emergency services and the peace of mind that comes from being in a walled community.
  • You’ll be welcomed into a community of like-minded residents. From day one you’ll be a part of a community that goes out of its way to make new members feel welcome.
  • You’ll be left to live independently. A range of amenities and maintenance services are available to make your life as comfortable as possible – but we never intrude. You’ll be left to live life your way and are welcome to come and go entirely as you please.
  • You’ll have the chance to influence the way the village is run. We operate on a ‘resident directed’ model, which means we listen and we action, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to direct the way the village is run and provide feedback on ways to make it better.
  • You’ll have all your maintenance taken care of. Maintenance in all homes, communal areas and common gardens is taken care of, leaving you free to spend your time on the things that really matter to you.

Why not come and see for yourself?

Moving to retirement living is a big step, so it’s important not to rush. Take your time and explore your options. We recommend the below steps to make sure you’re making the best decision for you:

  • Speak to one of our team about which village might best suit your lifestyle.
  • Book a tour through the village to see if it could be what you’re after – you’re very welcome to bring along any family or friends and visit as many times as you like.
  • Try a Village Experience where you can spend some time with our residents themselves. Depending on the village we can help organise a few nights stay on premises to really get a feel for village life, or just a coffee and cake catch-up with some of your potential neighbours.

If you’re ready to explore retirement living why not drop us a note and start exploring your options – click here to book a tour.