St Ives cultural story painting

About St Ives Retirement Living

About Us

St Ives has been building and operating Retirement Villages in Western Australia since 1981, building a proud reputation as a leading provider of high-quality retirement options to suit all tastes and budgets.

As a business, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of our residents first and always looking for new ways to make their stay in our Villages as fulfilling as possible.

Our business, which is governed by our Board of Directors, includes two specialist property divisions working hand in hand to provide an exceptional level of service.

St Ives Retirement Living

We operate eight Retirement Villages, perfectly situated in some of WA’s most sought after neighbourhoods. Within each, the space and amenities have been carefully designed to help build a unique community and promote independent living, as well as provide all our residents with the very best amenities and facilities to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Each includes:

  • Convenient, sought-after village locations, stretching north from Kallaroo, down to Albany in the State’s south west.
  • A range of lifestyle options, ranging from large estates with a wide variety of amenities, through to smaller, boutique villages.
  • A ‘smooth move’ service for new retirement village residents with management of the sale of an existing property.

Our Retirement Village locations are:

St Ives Centro (in Jolimont, adjacent to Subiaco)

St Ives Carine

St Ives Northshore (in Kallaroo)

St Ives Lesmurdie

St Ives Melville

St Ives Murdoch

St Ives Mandurah

St Ives Albany

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St Ives Realty

At St Ives, we can facilitate a ‘smooth move’ for retirees transitioning into a retirement village, through our St Ives Realty division. Our team of property specialists are highly experienced and tuned in to the local real estate market. They can assist with the sale of an existing property, to help make your move a smooth one.

  • General real estate services for the Western Australian market, including the appraising, listing and selling of residential homes.
  • A buyer’s agent service dedicated to assisting local property buyers and investors.

The St Ives team includes experienced and dedicated staff, based out of head offices in Jolimont, Perth.

St Ives is wholly owned by the Royal Automotive Club of Western Australia (RAC WA).

St Ives Cultural Story

St Ives Cultural Story Painting
St Ives Cultural Story Painting

The centre of circle represents the infinite purpose, where there is both energy and balance.  This centre circle and the colours represent the fire and heart of St Ives, the Jolimont office.

The eight surrounding circles represent the villages of St Ives, and the U shapes are our elders sitting around campfire, the old people that have gathered knowledge and stories over a lifetime and are willing to share.

The Spirit that runs through the middle of the painting is the underground river, the river that runs beneath the Bibbulman track in the Southwest. This is where we look beyond our physical to our spiritual journey. It is the energy and spirit that connects us all.

The smaller tributes running from the villages are the Greenough, Swan, Blackwood and Collie Rivers – rivers of Bibbulman Country. These are the stories of the old people, feeding the spirit of our children. Water is the source of life. The old teachings say that the children will always find their way back to the rivers, where the old people and the stories are waiting.

The blue shapes forming the background represents different Country, that every time you walk over a hill, around a rock or across a river, we see and feel different parts of Country. Country is connected but has subtle change as we move through it.

The white dots represent the path a of the young people travelling through Country and at times return and sit at the river’s edge, to sit and yarn with the Elders, so that the stories continue.

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