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We moved in about 11 years ago and plan to stay for the rest of our lives. Why?
1. Security.
2. Socialising.
3. Peaceful.
4. Health.
Some reasons why I particularly like living here.
I still do competitive paddle racing and in season I will get on the water for training 4 to 6 times a week. I can put my boat on some wheels and walk about 300 metres to get on the Serpentine River.
I can spend my time doing what I love doing, I don’t have to cut lawns, clean gutters, maintain a big garden and even get the smoke alarm batteries supplied and replaced annually. There is an on-site handyman and gardener who can help out with some jobs and with advice.

Johan at st Ives Mandurah Kayaking

Johan Dreyer

St Ives Mandurah Resident

Upon entry, the village has a warm and welcoming outlook, colorful gardens and winding paths, peace and quiet within a safe environment without any through roads. The staff are friendly and considerate and look after the residents when required. The location of the village could not be better! A short walk to Mullaloo Beach and coffee shops. Lovely green parks in every direction to visit when walking the dog. Walk, drive or catch the bus at front gate down to a large Westfield Shopping Center, or a good IGA within walking distance to the north. The Residents Committee are active in providing social events where people can interact and meet new friends. As an artist, I use the village art room for painting and meeting others who have the same interests. the room is available seven days a week.

Erif Vincent

St Ives Northshore Resident

After months of on-again off-again house selling, we are at last the new owners to life at St Ives in Melville. Beset all too soon by the distractions and problems brought on by the Coronavirus episode, we have asked ourselves just how we feel about the move we have made. The answer is probably best summed up in one word – SAFE.

Management and staff moved quickly to ensure a smooth introduction to our new quarters and offers of assistance from village neighbours were both many and generous, especially during the COVID-19 lock down period. Of an age where health is a prime consideration, the 24 hour emergency service scheme is a valuable asset , and it is pleasing that we are surrounded by many doctors’ practices and health services.

Yes, I think we can say that we are safely at home here in St Ives in Melville.

John & Beryl Montgomery

St Ives Melville Residents

Things could have been so much more difficult. The staff really cared about all of us, in so many ways. Information was sent to everyone outlining the steps that were being taken, we were regularly contacted by phone to check on our welfare and the chef was providing meals 7 days a week for those residents who wished to use this service. We feel very blessed to be living in a community such as ours and we can’t thank the staff and management enough.

Caroline and Don

St Ives Northshore Residents

During the COVID 19 lockdown period at the village, I was so pleased in knowing that I was secure and there were people around me I could call on. Some near neighbours loaned me books to read, others just rang to ask if I was Ok, and the Village staff were terrific looking out for us all. Also, when it was possible it was so refreshing to be able to take a walk along the river to look at the water and the abundance of birdlife. A highlight was the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

Margaret Bell

St Ives Mandurah Resident

Gaye and I feel so blessed we are in such a beautiful facility, particularly with the current Coronavirus situation. All the residents are adhering to the rules and we feel very safe and secure. We still have the opportunity to converse with the other residents and know we are in good hands with our diligent Manager Craig, and his fantastic assistant Tammy. We would happily recommend anyone thinking about joining us in the village – do so now and do not leave it till later. Enjoying our lifestyle is what retirement should be.

Gaye and Max

St Ives Carine Residents

After returning from overseas we were SO very lucky to be able to have our two weeks of quarantine here at St. Ives. We were overwhelmed with the caring support offered by everyone, residents, management and staff. It brought home to us that this isn’t just a community, it really is an extended family. We arrived home about 1:00am to find cards and a plant outside our door. The next morning and throughout our two week lockdown we had numerous phone calls to check on us and to offer to go shopping for anything we needed. We even had equipment from the gym dropped at our door. Also homemade cakes, biscuits and muffins. The restaurant did takeaway meals and had them delivered to our door. Tammy even delivered a rubbish bin so we could dispose of our rubbish. Our extended family here thought of everything. Moving here to St. Ives is the best thing we ever did.

Heather and Arthur Paikos

St Ives Carine Residents

One of the best decisions of our lives!
Our Wembley house was getting too big for us so we started looking into retirement villages in our local area. We looked through St Ives and fell in love with our apartment in the newly completed Kings apartment building. For 10 years we have happily called St Ives Centro our home.
We have made many wonderful friends and renewed some old friendships during our time here. We love the village atmosphere and the camaraderie amongst the residents. We have attended organised social events which are a great way to meet other residents. We have also joined with smaller groups of friends to play cards, bowls or just a chat over a coffee or a glass of wine.
We love that St Ives offers independence but also security. We feel safe and know that help is only a telephone call away, if necessary.
Our well-designed apartment has been the venue for many large gatherings of friends and family over the years.

John and Annette Lazberger

St Ives Centro Residents

We believe it is essential to come into a village as we did, when you are young enough to enjoy all the facilities and to be able to walk and ride bikes around the lake etc. We can leave our unit and go on extended holidays or caravanning and we are totally certain our investment will be looked after. We came here in our early 60’s over six years ago. It was a great decision. Do not leave it too late.

Peter and Judy Bright

St Ives Mandurah Residents

We have been totally blown away with the way the administration has handled the time during ‘Lockdown’ of the COVID-19. Communication has been clear, easily understood and we have been kept up to date with the needs and changes especially regarding Retirement Villages. Lockdown could have been so much harder for residents without the support and caring which was provided. Our village was locked at all times and only accessible to carers, providers, suppliers and close family members. The staff rang everyone on a regular basis to ensure they were safe, happy and well. We were also encouraged to exercise (if able). The staff utilised the kitchen for pre-packed meals which are available on a daily basis. We feel very fortunate to be living at St Ives, as we have like minded people living around us, who take the opportunity to show kindness, love and support at all times.

Jenny & Lance Hammond

Residents of Murdoch

St Ives Centro was perfect for our Dad. He moved there shortly after making the difficult decision to place our Mum in full time nursing care. Dad found the large air-conditioned unit very comfortable, and his favourite spot was in the morning sun on the verandah. Dad commented that St Ives had the right amount of socialising for him. There were regular events to attend, and he made good friends. Yet no-one intruded on his privacy when he was happily ensconced in his unit enjoying TV and other hobbies. We found it easy to access and visit, and felt it had reassuring level of security with the air key and supervisor on site at all times. The restaurant provided a pleasant venue for socialising without stress. Mark is a responsive and caring manager; and overall all we found Centro St Ives more than satisfactory.

Sue McDonald

Daughter of St Ives Centro Resident

After several years of living alone after my husband died, the house in Wembley Downs was becoming too big to manage. After a break-in I also felt slightly vulnerable living on my own. I wanted something smaller with a modest garden, my passion in life. I wanted to be closer connected with community / people without losing my independence. I think I had been procrastinating a moving because change is so difficult with so many unknowns.

Just by chance a friend knew someone in St Ives Centro and we went to have a look. A unit was available; ground floor, small garden, next to bowling green and close to clubhouse. Secure complex access with the added bonus of swimming pool, hairdresser, restaurant and community cafe. The unit itself was a perfect size for me, one bedroom with study which I fitted with a convertible couch for the occasionally sleepover for my grandchildren. All the boxes ticked. Also I found out I never had to wait for my son to change the light bulb or fix a leaking tap, it was all done for me when I needed it fixed.

You can’t choose your neighbours but I have been very fortunate to have met some wonderful people at St Ives, some of whom are now life-long friends. I was invited to regular Bridge lunches, community ‘Chase the Ace’ evenings with the odd wine or two or three but still maintained my independence when needed.
St Ives has been a wonderful period in my life and now that I have moved to ‘Gods waiting room’ I will look back with fond memories of the people and place.

Pam Parker

St Ives Centro Resident

We understand that choosing how you live your future is one of the biggest decisions you will make. That’s why we’ve asked some of our residents to share their own personal story on how they came to start life at St Ives. It’s about connecting with likeminded people who may have similar personal experiences; a way for you to find out how a St Ives Village can help you feel more connected, more active, safer, and happier with how you live your life.

Helen, David & Elisabeth, Keith, Val & Barry

St Ives Residents

For Val & Barry their move to St. Ives was a no-brainer and an investment in their future lifestyle.

Val & Barry

St Ives Carine Residents

Since moving to St. Ives, David & Elisabeth are loving the community and camaraderie in the village.

David & Elisabeth

St Ives Carine Residents

My home was getting quite hard to manage – the pool, the gardens. St Ives still lets me enjoy it all, but without the stress.


St Ives Carine Resident

“I can’t believe how happy I am! We probably haven’t said to ourselves, but we should have done it 5 years ago. No more cleaning pools, watering and mowing the lawn. Retirement villages offer a certain amount of security, companionship and organisation in your life.  The security side of it is wonderful.  It is really designed beautifully, this particular village. It does have a certain atmosphere. I love the swimming pool, I can do all my exercises and I am feeling better for that. The staff here are amazing and they all have first-aid qualifications.”

Brian & Dianne

St Ives Northshore residents

“Our friends thought that we were crazy wanting to go into it at such a young age, but it was the best time to move. We have our friends over and they think it’s a great idea and the sooner they can get in the better – of course they don’t want to leave it too late! The future is taken care of for when I get old. I’m not old yet!”

Colin & Carol

St Ives Murdoch residents

“We are both very happy and there are some lovely people here. We find it a great place to live. You can be alone if you want to, but there is plenty going on if you want to be social. This was my idea, I had a big home and so did Beryl, and Beryl said ‘I’m not leaving here, I’ve lived here for so many years’. Then a tree fell down and the pool went rotten and so she came too.”

Beryl & Muriel

St Ives Melville residents

“Quietness, kindness and courtesy, friendship and fellowship abound. Friday food with enjoyable entertainment, freedom to be oneself, social sharing. Help offered but never intrusively, sympathy shared, joys in common. Glorious gardens, peace and quiet, freedom to come and go. Bush surroundings, nature walks, shared activities, acceptance.”

Kelvin & Mary

St Ives Mandurah residents

“From never-ending work, to never any work!  I love living here. It’s been the best decision.”

Close-up photo of female retiree resident smiling at a St Ives retirement village


St Ives Lesmurdie’s first resident

“If I had known, what I know today, I would have moved in here 5 years earlier. It is not a place were all old people go, it is a place where younger people go and enjoy the lifestyle. I thought I’d died once and gone to heaven because I was living here.”

John & Carol

St Ives Centro residents

“We decided to move in now as a couple, while we’re both in good health and can make the most out of life. The security and community environment gives us peace of mind, as we like to go away for three months of every year.”

Peter & Myrna

St Ives Albany residents

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