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Live Happy | St Ives Retirement Living
Live Happy | St Ives Retirement Living

Our "Live Happy" goal

Put simply, “Live Happy” is about creating an experience that helps you live a content and stress-free retirement. And at St Ives, that puts you at the heart of everything we do.

From the amenities and activities we offer, to the everyday engagement you have with our staff, we rate the success of our Villages on your happiness.

In fact, we’ve set ourselves a Happiness Score; it’s our benchmark for tracking how our residents are enjoying their St Ives lifestyle. They relate to the real, tangible benefits of retirement living at St Ives, and you’ll find out more about our Happiness Score below.

The science behind "Live Happy"

Ready to take on 2021 with a positive mindset? Find out how your community can help build a stronger, more rewarding environment for you, your family and your friends.

Dr Tim Sharp’s latest podcasts bring together his wealth of experience and open a whole new world of happiness that will help you embrace the very best in life.

The thing you need to know about loneliness

Loneliness isn’t the same as being alone. Dr Tim Sharp talks about what this means with tips on how to connect with those around you.

Listen to the podcast:

The power of community

One of the most significant contributors to good health and wellbeing is a sense of belonging. What’s the secret? Dr Tim Sharp shares the answer.

Listen to the podcast:

Seeing the good in change

Even the biggest changes in life can lead to positive outcomes. Making that adjustment is a little easier with a few insights from Dr Tim Sharp.

Positive ageing

Let’s make ageing about increased happiness in life. Dr Tim Sharp looks at a wonderful research project that looks into the power of positive ageing.

Listen to the podcast:

The St Ives Happiness Score

How it all adds up to a happier retirement!

St Ives’ revamped Resident Survey is now used to capture the quality of life at all of our Villages. Touching on all aspects of Village life, the survey asks our residents to rate how much they agree with the following statements. We use these scores to identify the areas we can improve in.

Click on each Happiness Influencer to see our latest results…

St Ives provides a brilliant experience whenever you interact with us

St Ives continue building an engaged workforce and culture

St Ives is continually improving their service to me

My Village is great and will support me into the future

St Ives provides a safe and secure environment

I have confidence in St Ives to protect my asset

Happiness Score: 81.3/100
Our Happiness Score goal is 80/100 Learn More

Want to learn more about the Happiness Score?

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Discover the
full story behind
"Live Happy"

Do you want to know more about what St Ives has been doing across its Villages?

Download a copy of our latest Happiness Report for all the details around our latest updates on the “Live Happy” initiatives.

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St Ives Happiness Report