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St Ives Villages Make You Happier, Safer & More Connected!


The St Ives Villages survey results for 2017 are in – 460 St Ives households have had their say and told us exactly how they feel about living in one of our Villages.

The results? Well…they speak for themselves really! Since moving in to one of the St Ives Villages:

  • 95% of our residents say they are happier, or as happy.
  • 97% say they feel safer, or as safe.
  • 91% feel more connected to their community, or as connected.

There was a long list of services and amenities residents pointed to as contributing to these feelings, mainly the 24 hour emergency care, and community groups and activities on offer across most of the St Ives Villages.

And it’s not just our residents saying so – check out this article on the benefits of retirement living.

Retired? Says who?!

As for being ‘retirees’ – well, it looks like we’ll need to start working on a new term (perhaps ex-retired? Recovering workers?). Our residents are a busy bunch – outside of the activities within the St Ives Villages, we have all kinds of hobbyists from sailors to ballerinas, yogis, golfers, painters, surf-lifesavers – even one lady who claimed ‘wine tasting’ as a primary hobby. Well…why not?!

St Ives Villages resident hobbies

What keeps our residents busy?

Travel was far and away the favourite pastime across the board, closely followed by gardening, cinema and volunteering. Check out this article one of our residents sent in about their recent trip to Antarctica. As in, Antarctica, the frozen wasteland at the bottom of the world! It’s a tough life, right?!

So, how are St Ives Villages doing?

And to make sure we are doing our bit as a business to ensure all our residents are kept as happy as they should be, we asked a lot of questions about how we are travelling and how satisfied all our residents are with life in one of our St Ives Villages. The news there? Well, the results are great – but can always be better, so there’s a new challenge for 2018!

St Ives Villages residents satisfaction results

St Ives residents satisfaction results

So if feeling happier, safer and more connected in your years as a Recovering Worker sounds good, why not give us a call and book a tour today.