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8 Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks


Spring has officially sprung and the warm sun shining through your windows may be lovely, but it may also be showing up the layer of winter dust that has accumulated throughout the house. Perhaps it is time to think about some spring cleaning to spruce up your nest.
A deep clean doesn’t have to be something to dread – just take one room at a time and your home will be fresh as a spring daisy in no time. Here are eight tips and tricks for some real top-to-bottom house cleaning.

1. Make a plan

Before you begin, go from room to room and make a list of everything that needs to be done. Try a classic organisers’ trick: stand in the doorway and visually divide the room into one-metre wide “strips,” listing every task you see in that space; for example, the “strip” nearest one wall might include dusting the bookshelf, cleaning the window, washing the curtains, and organising a cabinet. Then move to the next strip until you’ve covered the room.
Work on one room at a time, even if you’ll be doing similar chores like washing walls or vacuuming in several rooms. You’ll get a greater feeling of accomplishment. The satisfaction of seeing one room sparkle will make the hard work feel like it’s worth the effort.
Put all your cleaning supplies, including dusting cloths and paper towels, into a clean bucket to carry from room to room.

2. De-clutter

Studies have shown that a disorganised home adds to stress levels. The scientific implications of inhaling dust gathered on piles of old magazines – combined with the psychological stress of being surrounded by piles of unsorted laundry or mess – can take an unexpected toll. Spend some time organising your cupboards, re-ordering your kitchen drawers and finally looking into that junk drawer to eliminate unnecessary stress from your life.

3. Always work from top to bottom

It’s important to start from the ceiling down. This will force dirt downward and keep you from having to re-dust or re-clean your space. If you have a vacuum with a long extension cord, use it to get cobwebs and dust from your ceilings and fans first. Then dust your furniture and other items before vacuuming all the dust from your floors.

4. Walls and windows need love too

People almost always think to clean their floors during a good spring time clean, but they often forget about walls and windows. Most dust settles on the floor and other surfaces, but not all of it. Painted walls are pretty simple to take care of: Just use a sponge or damp towel to wipe down walls (starting from the top). You can simply use a towel to wipe down blinds. From the outside, remove and wipe down the screens. When it comes to the actual window, using a steam cleaner with a squeegee is a great way to clean windows.

5. Think green when you spring clean

You want to start spring off on a clean note, so don’t expose yourself to chemicals and toxins. A steam cleaner is one of the best green products for spring cleaning. It can be used to clean your microwave, tile, hard floors, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and even outdoor areas. Since steam cleaners only use hot water vapour, they are a 100% natural and chemical-free cleaning solution. But be careful – not everything can be steam cleaned.
If you don’t have a steam cleaner, one of the best natural combinations for cleaning is white distilled vinegar, bi-carb soda and water. These ingredients are affordable and non-toxic.

6. The big jobs – the kitchen and bathroom

The dreaded areas for most people…but don’t fear, you’ll get through it. There are so many lists available online that will go into detail about how exactly to clean these rooms thoroughly, but some key things to remember:


  • Wipe down and even vacuum the inside and outside of your cabinets, fridge coils and stove vents. Move whatever can be moved and clean under them.
  • Go through your pantry and refrigerator, wipe down the shelves, and throw away any old items. If possible, remove your shelves and wash them in the sink.


  • Scrub around taps with an old toothbrush to get rid of built-up soap scum. If mildew on tile is a problem, use the toothbrush and tile cleaner to get rid of it.
  • Take down and wash, or change, your shower curtains.
  • Clean and wash cupboards, throwing away expired medicines and cosmetics you’ll never use.

7. A spotless night’s sleep
If the average night’s sleep is eight hours, you spend almost one third of your life sleeping. This makes it an important room to keep clean and dust-free.
Strip all bedlinens, including your bed skirt or valance, and wash. Vacuum the mattress and box springs and spray lightly with fabric freshener. Open and clean out closets and dresser drawers. Give away clothes you haven’t worn for a year; dry-clean or launder what you’re keeping.

8. Let spring cleaning set a new tone
If your space feels dark and heavy, you can make small changes to help make it light and fresh for spring. Adding new colourful pillows or art are great ways to change up your space. Replacing items like bedding, towels, table linens and even window treatments are other ways to transform your rooms for spring and warm weather ahead.

Imagine the feeling of accomplishment when you have ticked all of these things off your list. You then get to sit back and enjoy that sunshine streaming through the window, instead of it highlighting all the work you should be doing.