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It’s Wise to join St Ives!


St Ives is proud to be supporting the Wise Move initiative developed by the Retirement Living Council of Australia. This initiative is all about providing as much information to residents about every aspect of life within a Retirement Village, including details about contracts, legislation and lifestyle.

St Ives are thrilled to be a part of the campaign and think this is a great initiative to help senior Australians make better informed decisions about their future.

As part of the campaign the Retirement Living Council have produced the “Book of Wise Moves” – a resource for anyone thinking about making the move to a Retirement Village, as well as their family and friends. There is some brilliant information contained within it so we strongly encourage you to review it if you’re considering making the move.

You can download a copy of the “Book of Wise Moves” by clicking on the image below.

The Book of Wise Moves - Property Council guide to Retirement Living

Some of the topics included within the “Book of Wise Moves” are:

  • What is a Retirement Village?
  • Why making the move is a Wise Move
  • What to expect from life in a Retirement Village
  • Funding your Retirement home
  • Costs of living in a Retirement Village
  • What does a weekly budget look like?
  • Legalities, including:
    • Security of tenure
    • Village governance
    • What to expect before you sign
    • Disputes and complaints
    • Legislation
  • How to prepare for moving day

The “Book of Wise Moves” also contains relevant information comparing Retirement Living with staying at home, with information such as:

You might worry about the financial impacts
of moving house but this could turn out to be
a very wise move indeed.
For most of us, the family home is by far
our biggest asset. But while this makes us
asset rich, we may also be cash poor. It’s
certainly the case that some retirees are living
in high value homes, but are scrimping and
saving just to pay the bills. And as your home
continues to age, the cost of upkeep can put
further pressure on the finances.
It is definitely possible to sell a home, buy
in a retirement village and retain an amount
of cash from the sale which you can save or
invest (or spend on that holiday you’ve been
dreaming of).
If you can find a lovely home and community
that suits your needs, and have the funds to
enjoy more of the things you want to do, isn’t
that a wise move?”

We hope you find the “Book of Wise Moves” helps you make up your mind about moving in to a Retirement Village.