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Retirement Living Vs Aged Care


What do the words ‘retirement village’ mean to you? A lot of people use the terms interchangeably with aged care, but they’re actually two very different things. If you’re wondering exactly how they differ, read on below, as we’ll discuss the basics of what to expect from retirement living vs. aged care homes in WA and the differences between the two industries.

The basics: retirement living vs. aged care in WA

Retirement villages

A retirement village is a housing complex for people over 55. It’s only available for people that are fully capable of living independently – you’re even asked to pass an independence test to ensure your suitability. There’s no ongoing personal or medical care for residents in retirement villages, instead they focus on socialising, safety, and convenience.

Aged care

Aged care facilities are in a completely separate industry from retirement living, as they support elderly people with high care needs. They are designed for people who can’t live independently and often require 24 hour care. Many aged care facilities in Perth offer palliative care, dementia care, and respite care, which is provided by fully qualified staff. Before entering aged care in Perth, you are assessed to make sure you need to be in the facility.

Important distinctions between the two industries

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

Retirement communities are for over 55’s who have a lot of life to live. While all St Ives retirement villages come with 24 hour emergency call buttons in the homes and common areas, most retirement communities won’t offer care or support as part of village life. Of course, if you need an extra pair of hands in the home then you’re more than welcome to organise it – we even have partnerships with some providers to help you get a great deal – but on the whole you’ll be left to live life your way.

Choice vs. support

From the moment you wake up, until the second you hit the hay, what you choose to do is entirely up to you. Of course, all our retirement villages come with plenty of activities and social groups to keep you occupied, but the choice to join in is yours to make. Most of our residents think nothing of locking the doors and heading to warmer climates for the winter! In contrast, aged care homes provide support services that help you throughout the day, usually catered to your individual needs.

Your home vs. a home

When you move into a retirement community, your home is yours. You can invite family and friends to stay, decorate the place the way you please and generally treat it as you would any home. There are various types of houses available to suit your tastes and budget, from free-standing, two-storey villas to spacious apartments. The only shared facilities are the extras provided by the village, such as the swimming pool and clubhouses. Whereas with aged care in Perth, you might be purchasing a room within a facility, where you have easy access to the support you need.

Security vs. care

One of the best features of a retirement community is the increased security you’ll experience. This safety is not only created through the secure fencing protecting the community, but also through the community itself – all like-minded people of a similar age who have your back. Unlike aged care facilities, you will have complete privacy and independence, with no one checking you throughout the night. However, the houses are often designed with grab bars, carpet floors, and seats in the showers, just in case you need some assistance.

What’s your choice?

If you’ve realised an aged care facility in Perth isn’t the place for you and you’re interested in exploring retirement living, then why not organise a private tour of your local village? Or join one of our regular events and have a chat with the residents, they will be keen to talk about their experience and share their reasons for choosing St Ives.