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Happiness is the best influencer!


Those of us who spend time in the world of social media will no doubt have heard the term ‘social influencer’; a person who reaches a lot of people through their social media networks, and can thereby use their influence to buy a certain product.

At St Ives, we like to think of us as ‘influencing for good’! To do this, we created a series of six  ‘Happiness Influencers’ which are designed to positively impact your happiness and wellbeing, and focuses on a specific goal.

So, what does that all mean for residents of St Ives Retirement Villages? Happiness, we hope!

Taking care of our residents

The first Happiness Influencer is ensuring a brilliant experience whenever you interact with us. We strive to take good care of our residents’ issues, so they feel less fuss and stress – and less stress is imperative in feeling happy! Furthermore, research has found positive emotions, such as happiness, spread throughout social networks. So, the more that St Ives residents have a positive experience and feel ‘happy’, the more their enthusiasm and positivity spreads to others.

Our wonderful staff!

The second Happiness Influencer we use is our respectful, empathetic and amazingly talented staff! People who receive respect and empathy are proven to be happier and healthier; their mental health receives a boost, and they feel more capable and more connected. St Ives recruits, trains and retains only the best staff, so we can ensure all residents of our retirement villages that our staff will go out of their way to treat them as they should be treated. Everyone deserves to be happy in retirement!

Optimising Performance

Having the best people goes hand-in-hand with making sure those people are working at their optimal, every day. This leads us to the final Happiness Influencer we’ll talk about today – optimising performance. We are all very reliant on technology when it comes to systems and procedures, so it’s so important to have the best and most up-to-date systems in place. This is certainly a priority for us at St Ives Retirement Living – it means we can spend less time dealing with technical, administrative and financial tasks, and more time ensuring our residents are enjoying the best possible lifestyle – the kind of lifestyle that results in happiness!

We’re very proud of our programme of Happiness Influencers, and the impact they are having on every resident – and staff member – of our Retirement Villages. We’ll talk more about our other Happiness Influencers soon – they’re all part of our Positive Psychology approach to living happy in retirement! Or you can read about them in more detail here, in the St Ives Happiness Report.