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Happiness is serious business!


Live Happy!

At St Ives, we take your happiness very seriously! That’s why in 2019, we worked closely with Dr Happy (aka Positive Psychologist Dr Tim Sharp) to ensure St Ives is a happier place to live. Part of this ‘Live Happy’ approach is understanding that, as a business, we can’t possibly control the individual happiness of every individual St Ives resident – rather, our role is to influence the long-term happiness and well-being of all residents and staff. We’re doing this by creating and maintaining a positive environment at all our Villages, and ensuring our communities are safe and secure, offering a stress-free retirement for all.

This puts the onus on us at St Ives to continue to strive to improve all those ‘behind the scenes’ activities that can positively influence your stay in our Village. In fact, one of our six Happiness Influencers is ensuring we are, and continue to be, a strong and well respected WA business. To do this, we have put plans in place to consolidate the St Ives Retirement Living brand position within the West Australian market, thereby future-proofing the company and positioning ourselves well for future opportunities. So how does this benefit you, as a resident of St Ives? In short, a strong and financially secure St Ives means financial security and peace of mind for everyone, whether they own a St Ives retirement apartment, reside in a St Ives Retirement Village or are part of our wonderful St Ives team.

Research clearly suggests that businesses who integrate purpose-driven principles, such as those included in “Live Happy”, tend to be more successful than comparable businesses – and a strong, values-driven and purpose-driven business means increased financial security and even financial growth for all involved. This means St Ives is well placed to create an environment of confidence, contentment and peace of mind, resulting in health and wellness for all residents. And what also comes with health and wellness? A good and long life – and a happy one!

Want to know more about our ‘Live Happy’ approach? Check out the most recent issue of our St Ives Happiness Report.