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Checking In With Parents At Christmas


After all the eating, unwrapping and frantic preparations are done, Christmas is a fantastic time to check in on your parents and make sure they are ok. As we age, keeping the house in top condition can become harder and harder, and our social interaction may drop as getting to activities becomes a difficult task.

A retirement village can help on both accounts as they offer gardens and homes that are maintained, as well as providing easy access within the village to a number of different amenities and social activities where your parents will form a strong support network with like-minded people. Your parents may need a little nudge from you and other family members to start researching the options available.

The first thing to be absolutely clear on is whether you are researching the right style of living for your parent/s. St Ives offers retirement living, which means independent living for people aged 60+ in a community of like-minded people. Our residents do not receive ongoing care as part of their contract (however they can easily access external home care providers if needed), and are required to meet with the village manager to ensure they can live independently before moving in. If you are doing research because your parent/s are showing signs of needing specialist care, you may need to research aged care homes instead. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a place where your parent/s can simply be safe, happy and healthy, then retirement living could be a great place to start.

What can retirement living offer your parent/s?

Companionship and community.

One of the biggest benefits of retirement living is simply being surrounded by like-minded people who can offer friendship and companionship. Growing older can be lonely, and modern living seems to isolate us even more as people withdraw further into our homes and know their neighbours less and less. In a village, your parent/s will have the opportunity to engage in a number of social activities, meet people and make friends. Even if that doesn’t appeal to them, just having the option available can be enough to alleviate loneliness.

Safety and security.

All St Ives villages are in walled estates, most with gates which are locked after hours and swipe access to the amenities and homes. All villages come with 24 hour emergency assistance in the amenities and homes, which is linked directly to emergency services. Your parent/s will also be surrounded by a community of like-minded people, so you can rest easy knowing that they have an in-built community watch at all hours.

Health and wellbeing.

Many factors contribute to a person’s health and wellbeing – particularly as we get older. All the usual suspects like healthy eating and exercise play a huge part, but intangible things like social connection, community access and security can also have a massive impact on overall health. With easy access to a huge range of social opportunities, less stress from a carefree lifestyle and no worry about maintenance, your parent/s could find themselves feeling more energetic and generally happier. Oh, and there is a growing body of research showing that retirement living can help you live longer!

What can retirement living offer you?

In a phrase: Peace of mind. Life may have taken you away from your parent/s but it doesn’t mean you have to spend your time worrying about them. In retirement living you’ll know they are safe and secure, surrounded by people who are looking out for them and have easy access to physical and mental stimulation simply by walking out of their door.

How much does retirement living cost?

That depends on the village and style of home you are interested in. An overview of all the costs can be found here – and all details for each village can be provided by calling 9287 8701.


If you have any questions about life at any St Ives village, please contact us on 9287 8701, or visit our FAQ page for some additional information.