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Hidden Talents At St Ives Centro


Over the last week, St Ives Centro hosted the Arts and Crafts Exhibition where our residents proudly displayed their wonderful creations. There were 117 different pieces on display, ranging from embroidery, tapestry, various forms of painting and drawing, woodwork, book binding, jewelry. It was a great opportunity for everyone to see what secret skills and talents their neighbours possessed, and to sit down and have a chat about all things creative.

The common theme was not just the joy they get from creating something with their hands, but the ability to bring that joy to others through their creations. The knitting group get together once a week and while they chat away, they put their hands to good work. Their last project saw them make over 300 teddy bears which they donated to the Red Cross! Right now they are working on beanies and hope to have them ready for winter next year. Another weekly group specialise in making rugs and have almost finished 200 which they will also donate to a charity.

For most, as they grew up they were taught to use their hands as productive tools. Learning to sew and make your own clothes was important as it was much more expensive to buy clothes from the store than it was to make it yourself. Over time, the cost-saving measure became a hobby and a way to create something unique for a friend or family member.

The art of learning pushes us all to continue to expand our skill sets. One resident, Mary, set out on a project which saw her learn how to upholster a couch as well as the woodwork skills necessary to finish the task. She enjoyed every new process and didn’t see it as an obstacle, rather an opportunity to apply her creativity in a new way while keeping her mind active.

If you stop by the St Ives Centro woodwork shed, chances are you will spot Barry and Bob working away. Both enjoy making toys for their grandchildren as it’s something that will be used many times and will survive the rigors that children can put toys through. Woodworking can be scary to some, but Barry and Bob would love for you to stop by and learn their craft.

It’s not hard to be inspired by such a talented group of people and we’d like to thank everyone for submitting your creations to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition. If you missed out on visiting this year, don’t worry, there will be more in the future! You can view some of the pieces on our Facebook page.