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There’s an App for that


As the digital world continually changes and evolves, the one thing that remains true is that it can be incredibly difficult to navigate. One area that can be particularly overwhelming is Apps – there are millions to choose from, claiming to help us do everything from manage our finances to play games with people on the other side of the world. Confused? Same here…so here is an intro to the wide world of Apps that are only a click or swipe away.

Firstly, what exactly is an App and what is it used for?

An App is a program that is used on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. They can be used for many different things, such as an online shop, a way to read an e-book, a place to keep lists, a way to track spending, a fun game to pass the time, listen to music or even catch up on a TV show or movie.

The exciting thing about Apps is that it’s completely optional what is downloaded and used. Keep an eye on those games though, they can be addictive!

Safety first!

As with all online activity be wary of handing over credit card details while using an App.

Free or paid?

Some apps are free, some cost money and others require payment the more they’re used. A handy tip is to always give a free version a go first. This gives the freedom to have a go and delete it if it’s not needed.

A term to keep an eye out for is ‘in-app purchases’ which means there will be times when payment is requested to unlock a certain feature such as the next level on a game. These appear as a pop-up and it’s entirely optional to accept.

Internet connections and Apps

Some Apps can be accessed offline, while others require an internet connection to update. For example, a news App will need access to the internet to update with the latest news, but if the detail is contained within the App itself, such as a game, it can be used without an internet connection.  We have full control over what Apps access our mobile data, and what ones can only be used on WiFi so you don’t get stung with data charges.

Where to get Apps

Where to find the “App store” varies depending on the device. Each device will be set-up automatically with their version of an App store. For example, for iPhones and iPads it’s called ‘App Store’, on Android phones use ‘Google Play’.

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