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Short Story Competition: who won??


The winners of the first St Ives Short Story Competition have been selected! Run in conjunction with the Katharine Susannah Prichard (KSP) Writers’ Centre, our Short Story Competition was launched in the Autumn edition of Thrive and was judged by published author Carolyn Wren. First place won a workshop voucher and one-year membership to the KSP Writers’ Centre, and second and third won a one-year membership and a discounted workshop voucher. We’d like to congratulate all those who entered for their wonderful stories.

You can view all the Short Story Competition entries here.

Judge’s report:

1st Place – Rules of Engagement by Colin Herring, Centro

They key to an enjoyable short story is its readability.  The way it flows, from the first word to the last.  A cracking good tale also helps.

Rules of Engagement contains all these elements.  From the vivid descriptions of the sweltering rain forest, rotting vegetation and spoiled food, to the soldiers desperate to wash the dirt and grime from their bodies. The main character, Section Leader Snow, comes to life in the story.  He’s completely relatable to the reader.  We sympathise with his plight, and smile at his unique reasoning in trying to escape it.

Rules of Engagement has perfect pacing and balance and is a thoroughly enjoyable read.  Well done, Colin, It deserves to be the winner of this contest.

2nd Place – Memory by Barbara Dennis, Carine

Memory is a beautifully crafted story.  What could have been a sad tale about a healthy body and a stolen mind is poignant, but happy, as family members tell their experiences with a loved one.

I was left with a vivid and enduring image of a small, resolute woman, resplendent in her black velvet hat – and blue dressing gown – dressed for travel, determined to get to her destination. The love comes through clearly in this story.  And I shared the authors hope that ‘Nina’ found her way home to Crystal  Brook, singing all the way.

3rd Place – Grandmere Goes to School by Pamela Newman, Murdoch

I loved this story about a grandmother, her beloved four year old Jacques and their special outing.

The little details made me smile, standing on the wrong side of the counter, getting lost in the car. They added up to a genuine feel-good tale about different generations of family sharing a deep, loving bond.

I’d love to think Jacques and his Grandmere have many more ice-cream filled days in their future.

Honourable Mention – What’s Australia? by Vanda Thompson, Centro

I find it a real treat to be surprised by a story. In this case I was certain I was reading about two children, possibly sisters, confused by their parents’ conversation regarding a big move to a strange, unknown place.

I was thrilled to discover the characters of Daisy (formally Sophie) and Penny were actually the family cats.The way the author blended a mixture of innocence and indignation was perfect for our feline heroines. The photos accompanying the story gave me my second surprise, when I realized this adventure was probably based on true life events.

If you’re a keen writer looking for some tips and tricks to help elevate your stories to the next level, you can view the full range of workshops that the KSP Writers’ Centre has on offer here. Keep your eyes peeled for our next Short Story Competition!