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Exercise over 50: Embrace an active lifestyle.


As one enters their 50s and beyond it becomes increasingly important to maintain an active lifestyle as a means to improve overall health. But, it can often be difficult to fit time for exercise into our busy lives, especially when juggling work and other commitments. Retirement is a milestone that offers the gift of time for one to focus on their well-being and embrace a healthier lifestyle throughout their golden years.

Reasons to stay active. 

Regular exercise for those over 50 has multiple benefits. Not only does it keep one physically fit, exercise increases energy levels, improves mental well-being and can even reverse aging. It also reduces or delays the risks of illnesses and can be utilised to manage symptoms of chronic conditions such as arthritis. 

Cardiovascular health

Exercising over 50 will increase the health of one’s cardiovascular system, lowering the risk of heart disease. 

Bone health

As we age, our bone densities decrease, which increases the likelihood of breaks and fractures. Strength training can be used as a means to maintain our bone strength reducing the chance of serious injuries if you have a fall. 

Preserves muscle mass

A common symptom seen in the later years of life is muscle loss, often leading to reduced mobility. Continuing to exercise in your 50s means muscles are kept fit and firm preserving strength. 

Exercising Safely

Safety should be a top priority when starting a fitness routine, especially if you haven’t been active in a while. 

Warm-up and cool down using light movements to prepare your body and mitigate the risk of injury. It’s important to listen to your body at all times, if you feel discomfort when exercising consult a medical professional for advice. 

Make sure to start slowly, and begin with low-impact exercises to avoid causing stress to your joints. Intensity can gradually be increased as you feel your strength and stamina improve. 

Creating a routine.

Retirement offers the perfect time for one to take time to find a routine that suits their goals and fits into their daily life. There is no fixed regime to follow when exercising in your 50s. Routines vary by individual and depend on a person’s current fitness level, overall health and fitness goals. 

Retirement is a time when many take up new past-times, if you plan to do so try and incorporate ways to keep healthy. For example, opting to walk during a round of golf rather than hire a buggy is a great way to optimise your health and incorporate a low-impact routine into your daily life. 

When exercising over 50, a well-rounded routine should aim to include a combination of exercise types to ensure they target improvements in multiple aspects of their health. 

Aerobic exercise when starting a new routine should begin with low-impact movements such as brisk walking, swimming or dancing. These will promote cardiovascular health without putting stress on your joints. 

Strength training allows you to target muscles, preventing loss and maintaining functional mobility in your later years. If you are new to strength training begin with light weights. It might also be beneficial to contact a personal trainer to guide you through a routine to ensure injuries are avoided. 

Yoga and pilates are commonly used to improve flexibility and balance, incorporating stylised movements into a routine that can strengthen the core, reducing the likelihood of falls. 

If joining the gym is a daunting prospect, there are plenty of over 50s workout classes with low-impact movements, designed to help members to increase their strength gradually.

Active lifestyles at St Ives

St Ives retirement villages are conveniently designed with amenities in close reach, which means residents can swap driving for walking, make the most of the fresh air and incorporate gentle exercise into their everyday lives. 

St Ives retirement villages encourage an active lifestyle for all of our residents. State-of-the-art sporting facilities are on-site at a number of our villages including Centro, and Albany and offer residents the opportunity to take control of their health. 

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